My Thankful 30

This Friday we completed the second full week back to school which went fabulous, but it ended in a meeting that left me out of sorts.  I allowed myself to become bitter and I brought the negativity home with me, which is never fun for my family.


I decided I needed to put a stop to it and take a moment to reflect on the more popular moments of the week that I’m thankful for.  A strategy I recommend for anyone looking to turn their mood around!

  1. Celebrating McKinley’s Birthday…she is officially a teenager!
  2. Hearing Mick’s team (and the opposing team) sing Happy Birthday to her
  3. Soccer, soccer, and more soccer
  4. Cole’s Cross Country Meets
  5. Messages from former students
  6. Continuing to keep up with my blog
  7. Hearing all is healthy at my doctor’s appointment and listening to his heartbeat
  8. Some amazing students…nobody will ever see or understand those little moments that go on inside my classroom
  9. Surprise breakfast sandwich from my amazing co-worker
  10. Surprising one of our co-workers with a thoughtful gift who is a first time grandfather
  11. Everyone being able to SEE the baby kick…lil guy is active and strong
  12. Hearing my Grandfather on the phone…after his stroke I was unsure if he would recover and he is slowly, but surely making improvements!  He is the most strong, stubborn, fighter I know!
  13. Going through baby names with Craig…always fun…he thinks it’s hilarious when I start yelling the name out like he’s in trouble or he’s about to score a goal…we have to know how it will sound, right?
  14. Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream in bed…compliments of Craig
  15. Our first daycare tour…a gofundme page is coming soon…haha!
  16. Buying some more maternity clothes…having more options in the morning makes it more likely to have a positive start to the day
  17. Cole playing bass for homecoming
  18. Grandpa licking the container out of the Apple Crisp we brought him…haha
  19. Our first visit to Brighton Farmer’s Market–who doesn’t love live music, fresh food, beautiful weather, food trucks, plants, and holding hands with your man
  20. Snuggling with McKinley while she felt her lil brother kick
  21. Eating some amazing Italian food…Veal Parm is one of my favs!
  22. Cole going to his school dance
  23. Payday $$$$$
  24. A quick chat with a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time
  25. Healthy meals
  26. A man who wakes up early to make my lunch for work in the morning…all because he wants to…he even woke up extra early one morning this week to make egg salad for me
  27. Gramps feeling the baby kick again (to be honest I don’t think he was kicking at the time, but we will just let him believe he felt him)
  28. Receiving my Fabfitfun box…always fun when it comes
  29. The smell of the house as the turkey dinner is cooking
  30. Selling a couple items on Teachers Pay Teachers (who cares if I only made a dollar—still makes me happy)

Just a short list to remember all the wonderful moments from this past week.  Next week will bring even more to be thankful for!

thank you

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Family Gratitude Challenge: Dinner Game

I should be in the kitchen making pies at the moment, but a blog topic struck me and here I am! I want to challenge everyone to create a new tradition tomorrow and use it not only on Thanksgiving, but throughout the year as well. It is important for others to hear what we appreciate about them and it is important for people to reflect about what they appreciate about others. People may moan and groan at first, but the benefits are worth pushing them to the challenge.


Gratitude Dinner Game

When everyone is seated and ready to eat, announce that you will be playing a new game this year. Everyone will have to say one positive quality or a positive memory about the person sitting to the right (or left) of them. If your family is anything like mine you will need to explain the importance of being thankful for one another and ask for a volunteer to go first (or model a response yourself).  Be prepared for laughter, fun, and even tears!

Gratitude Memory Page 

Place a piece of scrapbook paper out and write “I am thankful for…” on it and ask family and friends to respond and sign it throughout the day.  I also add one with, “Favorite Thanksgiving Dish” which is usually easier for people to respond to.

*this can also be used as a gratitude dinner journal that your family uses one a week/month or whenever you feel is best

Both of these can also be used for other holidays, birthdays, and family parties. This is a tradition we came up with one year and we love it! I have even used this in my classroom with students and had amazing results! It’s important to model to children (and adults) how to be grateful in life.

I am challenging you to play the dinner game and share your experience in a comment. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


My Top 10 Strategies using The Law of Attraction

Over the past few months I have taken steps to refocus my mind and create a vision that is a bit clearer on what I want for my future. I thought of myself as a victim to circumstances in my past and I needed to stop that thought process to grow and move forward. Using the Law of Attraction I implemented strategies to bring about positive change…if you are looking to improve your life try one, some, or all of my top ten. Adjust them to your life, style, and needs.

Here are my top strategies I recommend…stay along for the ride and see what comes from it. I’ve already had amazing success!

1. Vision Board


  • I created a vision board to display my goals using magazine clippings, google images, photos, and scrapbook supplies
  • I created goals for: career, home, love, family, fun
  • When I started the vision board I was not sure what each of my goals would be, but they became clearer through the process
  • The vision board is hung in our kitchen and I also took a photo of it using my phone to look at throughout the day

2. Vision Story

  • To make my vision even stronger I wrote a vision story in addition to the vision board
  • The goal is to read it every day and make edits and additions to include more vivid descriptions

3.  Affirmations

  • I have been listening to several different videos on youtube on affirmations/incantations, so decided it was time to join the club and begin
  • I spend time each day reading a list of affirmations I have created for my life
  • I use a free app on my phone called “Positive Thinking” (this isn’t the best, but it does send me notifications throughout the day that keep me focused)

4.  Family Gratitude/Memory Journal 

  • Using a sketchbook from the craft store and some colored pens: once a week we break it out at dinner to go around the table and write what we are thankful for in it and/or a memory from the week
  • This gives us all time to make sure we are thinking about the good experiences we have had
  • I have also done this on Thanksgiving in the past and had everyone sign a scrapbook page and add their favorite part of the meal and what they are thankful for

5. Give

  • A hand written thank you note to someone (I do this weekly)
  • Perform a random act of kindness (pay for the person behind you in a drive through, bring in baked goods to a co-worker, put a note in your child’s backpack, use your talent to help someone else in need…

6. Be Mindful of your Thoughts

  • When negative thoughts begin tell yourself to switch the topic to something positive (for example: when you begin to think negatively about a co-worker, think of what they do well or when you begin to tell yourself that you look terrible, tell yourself how beautiful you are, when you are driving think what a smooth commute it is rather than how much traffic there is)

7.  Music

  • I have always believed that what we put in our bodies influences us and that includes music
  • I have been trying to make sure that the music I listen to is positive and makes me feel good…this is a challenge sometimes because I have a wide range of music I enjoy which sometimes have an angry vibe to it

8.  Body Language

9. Healthier Eating

  • Plan the menu of meals for the week and shop ahead of time rather than trying to throw together a quick meal
  • Plan and prep meals to take to work the night before (fruits, veggies, chicken, brown rice, overnight oats, granola bars…)
  • Vitamins: talk to your doctor about vitamins that may benefit you (huge difference for me with taking them)

10. Treat Yourself

  • If you have never had a facial…treat yourself! Oh my! You must!
  • Treat yourself to a subscription box…I love them and am excited when the mail comes now! I subscribe to a Walmart Beauty Box, Sephora Play, and Fabfitfun.
  • I highly recommend Fabfitfun!! You receive box in the mail with a variety of surprises in it. I may do a blog just on one of these because they are phenomenal! I even recycled the box to make one for my boyfriend as a surprise. Click here for a 20%discount

The Law of Attraction must have brought you here for a reason…

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Comments?