Ten People You will Experience at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table


Thanksgiving is Thursday and what would it be without taking time to think about what we are thankful for.  I could write a never-ending list of all the wonderful things God has blessed me with, but instead…

I decided to write a list of people who will be sitting at the table…

which one are you?

dinner table

  1. The host:  Are you the one who hosts dinner?  Does all the planning, preparation, cooking, decorating, table setting, and often times, the one who cleans up as well.
  2. The cleaner: This one is not found at all tables, but when they are the host is much appreciative!  They insist on helping to clear, rinse, pack up leftovers, and even wash and/or load the dish washer!  They also usually offer to help set the table and lend a hand with anything else needed.
  3. The eater: This one does not just eat, but they are the first to mound the plate of food, and begin seconds before grace is even said.  They are often the first one to pass out on the couch after too!
  4. The photographer:  This one needs photos of everything…selfies with the food, the table setting, group shots, desserts…oh…just one more!
  5. The story teller:  There is always one person who has a story ready to share with everyone…sometimes its of a memory of a past family gathering, embarrassing moment, or just some off topic tale of their adventure hiking over the summer.
  6. The gossiper:  This one has the latest news about everyone in the family and is eager to share it with everyone.  Usually this person is the social media junkie who repeats everything…”Did you see what Bob posted yesterday about Veronica?”
  7. The one with the wild child:  There is always one person with the small child who is in that stage where they are just plain irritating…we’ve all been there, so which one of you have the honor this year?
  8. The eat and runner:  This isn’t one who exercises after eating, but one who will eat dinner and then leave because they are avoiding any clean-up or interaction with others…I mean…leave because they have to stop at another family member’s home.
  9. The aspiring politician:  The one who is ready to stir up conversation on a controversial topic just to hear everyone debate.  They are ready with several hooks to throw out for anyone willing to take the bait.
  10. The sulky teen:  We have all been that teenager at the Thanksgiving Day table at some point in our life…who is it this year?

With all the personality types Thanksgiving dinner usually comes together without any major issues, love is felt, laughter is heard, and memories are made ❤

families nuts

Share in a comment:  Which one are you sitting at the table or which one do you love most?


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❤ Crystal

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Top 10 Favorites of Fall


Is it just me or is apple picking a little overrated? Maybe because we went on what was the hottest day of the year at a scorching 91 degrees (unusual weather for us here in Rochester), but I keep wondering what on earth people become hyped up for to go pick apples.

apple picking funny

We had fun though…laughed the entire wagon ride, wondering if the jolting might initiate an early labor, ate cider donuts, drank cold cider (it was way too hot to drink anything even slightly warm), munched on popcorn, and bought a ton of apples.

Even though apple picking may not be my favorite fall activity, it is my favorite season of the year…so much that I named my first child Autumn!


My Top 10 Favorites of Fall 

10.  Football…which means lots of snacks:  I will admit this wouldn’t have made my list a few years ago, but I have come to enjoy watching football with Craig.  There is usually some sort of dip and/or tasty finger foods involved while watching and who doesn’t love food?  We feast on football days!

9.  Crockpot Meals:  Now that it’s fall I have broken out the crockpot and the fall meals…not only does it make my life so much easier, but everyone enjoys the Chicken and Dumplings (or as we call it: “Chicken Dump”), Pot Pie Soup, Lasagna Soup, Pulled Pork, Pot Roast…ohhh…I could go on!  There is just something satisfying about dinner being ready when we come home.

8.  Leaves/the colors:  Maybe I fell in love with leaves in kindergarten when we all had to bring one in and put it under our paper and color over it…ahhhh…awesomeness right there!  I’m the one in search for that perfect leaf no matter where we go.

7. Boots:  They can be tall, short, furry, leather, brown, gray, blue, black…I love boots and this is the boot season!  This reminds me I need a new pair…recommendations anyone?

6.  Pumpkins/Pumpkin Pie:  Whether the pumpkins are decorating the yard or pureed in a pie I love them!  Now the carving of the pumpkins I will admit I do try and scam out of every year…this year I’m thinking we need to try painting them.  Hmmm…

5.  Oversized Sweaters and warm blankets:  I’m all about the cozy comfort of an oversized sweater or a toasty blanket!

4.  Apple Cider/Apple Cider Donuts:  Apple Cider either hot or cold is amazing!  I order the hot apple cider from Tim Hortons with whipped cream on top and bottom and it is delicious!  Apple cider donuts are little circle shaped fall treats that are just as delicious, but a little harder to find fresh.

3.  Apple Crisp:  Who doesn’t love freshly made, warm,  apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream?

2.    The weather:  The fall weather is perfect!  It isn’t too hot or too cold, and if it is dressing in layers quickly solves that.

1.   Fall Family Photos:  This is my most favorite fall activity ever!  I started years ago with just snapping a quick photo each year of the kids in the leaves in the backyard, but it has evolved into a big event where we go to a local park to take a ton!  They are always an adventure!


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Share in a comment:  What is your favorite thing about fall?






My Christmas Wish List

I haven’t made a Christmas list since I was a child, and thought it would be fun after stumbling on one in another post.  The youthful child inside of me came out while selfishly thinking what is it I wish for.

Makeup Vanity:  Ikea sells this vanity/dressing table set that I’m currently wishing for (under $200).  This comfy, organized place to do my hair and makeup in the morning is at the top of my list! Ikea.com



Sony Camera:  This is an item I don’t need and is quite expensive, but a woman can dream right?!?!  Or maybe just some new accessories for my Canon Rebel T3i.  Sony.com



Shutterfly Item:  I love love love personalized gifts from Shutterfly!  A new item with our family fall pictures is one thing I’m really hoping for.  I highly recommend this site if you are looking for a special gift…I buy gifts throughout the year and people are always pleased!



Essential Oil Diffuser: I’m a huge fan of diffusers and would love a new one.  I use mine all the time and believe that it is one reason my family is incredibly healthy.  It cleans the air, kills bacteria, helps with sleep, and makes my home smell wonderful.  One of my top health and wellness picks for sure! Essential Oil Diffusers



Jessica Simpson Jeggings:  I love these pants!  They fit better than others I’ve tried, are super comfortable, and I can dress them up or down.   Jessica Simpson Clothing



A New Book:  I have a stack of books I still need to read, but I love receiving new books—especially when they say, “I thought of you when I saw this book” or “When I was reading this I thought you would like it”.  It can even be a used book—it’s still new to me!  When someone gives me a book I always read it…this is one of my favorite things to receive any time of the year.



Diamond Ring Candle:  I like receiving these and giving them because they are so much fun!   Every candle has a ring inside which could be worth anywhere from $10-$5,000.  They smell amazing and are only 24.99!  Diamond Ring Candles



New Makeup:  I enjoy trying new makeup (maybe this is why I subscribe to fabfitfun and sephoraplay).  I always find new items I like from the subscription boxes I receive in the mail, so receiving an item I might not have already is always nice.



Spartina Multi Phone Wallet:  I love Spartina and a new multi phone wallet would be lovely!  I’m not a huge fan of big, bulky, purses (probably from all of the years from carrying a diaper bag), and I like the Spartina phone wallets to carry my essentials.  I can fit my money, credit cards, other membership cards, a tube of lip gloss, change, and my phone in it without a problem.



This post is just for fun…I haven’t made a Christmas list since I was a small child.  I’m a giver and love selecting the perfect gifts for people, so I’m by no means a selfish person.  My list just might give you some ideas for someone you are looking to buy for!

Post a comment to tell us what you are secretly wishing to receive.  What item would you be most excited to receive on my list?