26 Weeks Pregnant


How far along: 26 Weeks


Baby is size of a: according to my Ovia App he is the size of a butternut squash or a bowling pin…he feels more like he’s the size of a bowling ball though!

Total weight gain: I don’t want to talk about this, but doctor is happy (and baby is healthy)!

Maternity clothes:  Of course I’m still wearing them—not the most stylish clothes to wear, but they aren’t what they used to be.  I bought another dress to wear that I do love…I might wear it for the baby shower, but I haven’t decided yet.  Some clothes I feel fabulous in and others just make me feel not so great (like the oversize shorts and shirts I wear to bed)—superficial I know!me
Sleep:  I have quite a bit of difficulty sleeping…after laying on the right for so long I’m sore, so flip to the left, then after so long I’m sore again and flip…then I have to flop out of bed to use the bathroom…then he thinks its time to play and is kicking…then the alarm to wake up sounds.

Best moment this week:  Hmmm…Craig’s surprise date night to see School of Rock…the baby was rockin out to all the music!


Symptoms:  Well no more heartburn now that doc prescribed me something.  Shortness of breath, back pain, and of course feeling baby kicking quite a bit—we can even see him moving!

Food cravings: I wanted a Thanksgiving meal, so that is what we had…soooooo good!!!  Apple Cider, Belgium waffles, and apple pie or apple crisp too!

Food aversions:  None

Gender: Boy

Name: Still no name…nothing we are both totally in love with yet, but we will agree on one eventually.

Labor signs: Too early for that, but I swear I felt a couple contractions while walking around the public market yesterday.

What I miss:  Laying on my stomach in bed or being comfortable just laying on the couch.  Bending over with ease is another thing I miss—if you come to my classroom and see highlighters on the floor it’s because I have stopped bending over to pick them up!

What I look forward to:  I was not a fan of the idea of having a baby shower at all, but I am looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, celebrating our little MVP, and having a good time.

Milestones: Does the Bills leading the division count?  Maybe baby is good luck for them? (although as I’m typing this they are not doing so well…come on Bills…Super Bowl this year!)


Bump: It’s more like a hump now…


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My Return to Facebook

As many of you know, in November I wrote a post about life after leaving social media which can be read here: Life After Deleting Facebook

Well, yesterday I decided to reactivate my Facebook account, and these are just some observations being back just after a day.

  1. Some people would benefit from sticking their nose in a book, other than Facebook. Someone accidentally sent me a text to tell someone else that I was back on Facebook…this someone is always complaining how everyone else is gossiping about this one and that one.  Read a book, knit a blanket, or learn how to use the correct form of your and you’re rather than worrying about my Facebook habits.
  2. Holy Babies…I was gone for less than a year and come back to a baby filled news feed.  Maybe Facebook increases fertility?  How many babies did you have?  Haha…love seeing baby posts!
  3. My updated profile pic received lots of comments and likes…whooohooo, that must mean I was missed!  Always funny to see who doesn’t comment or like…interesting indeed. Ok, remind me why I care? Ha!  Missed this..a little.
  4. Whoa…those two are dating…no way!
  5. I have sensory overload after 10 minutes…the same feeling after walking through Hobby Lobby for 20 minutes!
  6. Whoa…what was that Dak?!?! Whooppss…multi-tasking over here.  Watching Cowboys vs. Packers Game while blogging.  Lots of Cowboys fans in my newsfeed!  (I’m a Bills fan, but usually have to pick another team to root for during playoffs…Dak it is!)
  7. Man, I missed all these cooking videos!

Not sure how long my visit to Facebook will last, but I am enjoying catching up with some fantabulous people I have lost contact with.  I was busy crushing goals!  One reason I deactivated it to begin with was to take the advice of professors and mentors for career purposes, but my thought is I am proud of who I am, my experiences, and my words…any school or district will be too.



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