39 Weeks Pregnant Update: Prodromal Labor

Never heard of prodromal labor?  Yea, neither did I until this pregnancy and it is one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had while pregnant!  I would have never even believed it was a real thing if someone told me about it.  My body has been acting like it’s in labor with the exception of dilating.  I have been having contractions for two weeks now and they even become consistent where they are 5-8 minutes apart, so I begin to think it just might be time and then they stop.  It’s frustrating, draining, and exhausting.  Sleeping is a challenge and work is interesting when I start contracting while trying to teach.  I’m trying not to complain…really, but this is driving me insane!

Yesterday I had contractions for 5-10 minutes apart ALL DAY!  I made an appointment with my doctor because I was not going back to the hospital.  On my way home from work I had the brilliant idea to stop home—big mistake that was!  I attempted to pull in the driveway, but got stuck on a patch of ice.  I will spare you the long, frustrating story of being dug/chipped out.  I ended up making it to the office before they closed and my doctor was stressed thinking I was delivering in a snow bank!  Haha!  I am now 3cm dilated, heard the lil’ man’s heartbeat, and all is healthy!


My little wonders…

  • What color eyes will he have?  Blue like mommy?  Brown like daddy?
  • Will he look like daddy?
  • How much will he weigh?  (doctors at the hospital said he weights 7lbs, but my doc says no way and that he is bigger)
  • How long will labor be?  quick?  natural like I’m planning?  smooth? painful?
  • How will labor begin? At home?  At work?  Water breaking?
  • Will labor begin in the middle of the night when I’m in bed with no make-up on or when I look decent?  Yea, hoping I don’t look like a train wreck before even going through labor!
  • Will he have hair?  If the old-wives tale is true that if you have heartburn your baby will have a lot of hair then he sure will have quite a bit of it!
  • How will his big brother and sisters react to holding him?
  • Will I remember how to push?
  • Will I be able to use the water bath/whirlpool for comfort?
  • How will Craig react to seeing his son?
  • What will our first few days home with our new son be like?
  • How many more days will I have to wait until he makes his way into the world?

Share in a comment:  Have you ever experienced prodromal labor?  How did you cope?  How did you end up going into labor?

❤ Crystal

post partially inspired by The Daily Post, One Word Prompt: Brilliant