101 Blog Post Topics

If you’re like me, from time to time you struggle with post ideas.  I decided to create a list I will refer to when I need some inspiration, and wanted to share it with others who may also need a little kindling to spark that fire waiting to be ignited!  Let your thoughts take control as you ponder these topic ideas…

  1. Facts about you (likes, dislikes, accomplishments…)
  2. Goals list (day, week, month, year, life…)
  3. All about a favorite item (what is it, who gave it to you…)
  4. All about an item you loathe (what makes you loathe the item, who gave it to you…)
  5. Top 10 Inspirational people you have met and why
  6. Childhood moments you miss
  7. Post in memory of a lost loved one (why are they special to you, how did they pass, favorite qualities/memories)
  8. The biggest trial in life you have faced (what was it, how did you overcome it…)
  9. Favorite place (bed, house, park, town, vacation spot, restaurant…)
  10. A letter to someone who wronged you
  11. A letter to someone who encouraged you
  12. A letter to your future self
  13. A letter to someone in your life who made a positive or negative impact
  14. A letter to someone special on her/his birthday (favorite qualities, moments, reasons you think they are special)
  15. A story behind a photo (dig a photo out of that drawer or in that dusty album, and share the story behind it)
  16. Top 10 reasons to live in your specific city
  17. Top 10 favorite/secret spots that people should visit in your area
  18. Highlight your favorite coffee shop, music store, local business…
  19. All about your favorite hobby (what you enjoy along with the struggles)
  20. Must cook dishes for a specific holiday
  21. Share your family traditions and a memory (ex. Every Christmas you are allowed to open one gift for Christmas and one year you opened…)
  22. It’s late at night, I don’t want to cook, but I’m starving…what do you recommend?
  23. How do you begin a blog post?  Topic? Where do you write?  Tips?
  24. I can’t live without list and why…
  25. You are looking out the window…what do you see?
  26. Type the ramblings of the thoughts racing through your mind
  27. What lesson did you learn this week? (ex. back up photos)
  28. Top 40 music list/Work-out song list
  29. Wish list items
  30. An open letter to a company you frequently visit
  31. Address a controversial topic
  32. Funniest moment of the week
  33. Book review
  34. Movie review
  35. Analyze lyrics of a song
  36. Best fashion trends vs. Worst fashion trends
  37. Best make-up trends vs. Worst make-up trends
  38. Favorite quote/bible verse and connect to your life
  39. A day in the life of you (transgender, Asian, black, white, male, female, addict, disability, immigrant…)
  40. Best ways to meet people
  41. Date night ideas
  42. Memorable date
  43. Compare two unlike experiences (watching a golf game vs. Facebook)
  44. Do’s and don’t list (Facebook posts, interviewing, dating, blogging, buying a home, planning a vacation, applying make-up…)
  45. Slang term list and definitions
  46. “Ann Landers” style post where you respond to a question from someone seeking advice
  47. What is in your junk drawer? purse? make-up bag? sports bag? trunk?  gym bag?
  48. Ways you stay positive when negativity is knocking down your door
  49. Memorable books you have read
  50. Memorable movies you have watched
  51. Do you recycle any items in ways that might surprise us?  (ex. dryer lint as campfire kindling…)
  52. Healthy ideas (snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts…)
  53. Highlights of your month
  54. Only a dog (cat, hamster, lizard, birds, fish) owner would understand list…
  55. Letter you want read at your funeral
  56. Ways you save money
  57. Best shows/movies on Netflix to watch with…(kids, partner, daughter, son…)
  58. Common sports terms for someone not familiar with the sport
  59. Sports tips (three pointer tips, stringing a lacrosse head…)
  60. Congratulations to me for ___________________(quitting a bad habit, graduation, engagement, pregnancy, passing a test…)
  61. Craziest quotes students (professors, parents, teachers, parents) have said…
  62. Almost everyone I talk to has a time in their life they felt like they didn’t belong…tell your story
  63. The story of your name…where did it come from?  what does it mean?
  64. Do you keep cards and letters?  Write a story behind one you find tucked away in that box in your closet.
  65. Mother’s Day is coming…write a post honoring your mother or someone who helped teach you how to be a good mother
  66. Same for Father’s Day…write a post honoring your father or someone who was a that father figure in your life
  67. If you have an absent parent write a letter to her/him
  68. Scroll through your phone pictures…look at the 20th photo and write a post about it
  69. What teacher made an impact (positive or negative) on your life and why
  70. What are some thoughtful birthday gift ideas that are affordable
  71. Dorm room must haves
  72. Most families have at least one special recipe everyone loves…share it with us!
  73. Interview someone who inspires you
  74. Does your town have a certain food that it is known for?  Highlight it.  (Ex.  Rochester, NY has the “Garbage Plate”)
  75. Are you great at finding deals and discounts?  Share them!!  What tips can you provide for others to find them?
  76. Weight loss tips…what works for you?
  77. Share your workout routine
  78. Start a challenge (workout, photo, letter, post…)
  79. List of what you are grateful for
  80. Sports predictions
  81. Highlight a player
  82. What is in your diaper bag?
  83. Baby names
  84. Wedding planning theme ideas
  85. Online resources for (blogging, shopping, travel, educational, law…)
  86. Top apps right now and why
  87. Best stocks to invest in
  88. How you started investing in stocks
  89. Announcement (family addition, anniversary, pregnancy, engagement…)
  90. Gardening tips…what to plant when, natural plant food, compost, protection from insects…)
  91. Study tips
  92. Conduct an experiment (ex. I recently tested Trader Joe’s Alkaline water with PH strips to find that it is not what they advertise it to be, but is the same as my tap water)
  93. Video game tips, cheat codes, secrets…
  94. Mother’s Day ideas (gifts, celebration, traditions…)
  95. Fundraising ideas
  96. “How to” post (publish a book, write a novel, organize an event, make a superb cup of coffee…)
  97. Prom fashion do’s and don’ts
  98. Graduation party activities, decorations, etiquette…
  99. Free template for…an invitation, handout, contract, grocery list, budget sheet, craft, stencil…)
  100. Random Acts of Kindness List
  101. Your own blog idea list

I will be referring to this to keep my creativity flowing, but I hope it helps those of you who also need an idea from time to time.  Do you have a list of blog ideas?  Share it in a comment to help others who are seeking inspiration.


Trusting HIS Timing

My vision for this post was to announce that my divorce is final, but unfortunately that is not the case.  I was sent a letter from Edward Gangarosa who is assigned by the court to review the documents before being sent on to the judge.  He wrote in the letter that I needed to file two more papers and then resubmit them.  That sounds easy—although I was annoyed I figured it doesn’t take that much time and went to pick them up to file them.

When I picked them up there was a blank form, paper-clipped to the form I already completed.  I was confused and asked the employees in the Supreme Court office if they knew what he meant by doing this (as this is not mentioned in this letter), and they were also confused.  I decided to call Gangarosa for clarification to avoid any additional hold up.  Well he said I needed to redo the form because the one I submitted was an old form that has been revised—ok, so why didn’t he say anything months ago?  This paper has been completed since September and he is just now requiring this?  He also seemed incredibly bothered that I am not seeking maintenance in the divorce.  I told him that I’m sure he is used to women wanting every last dime from their ex, but I have everything already—everything I’ve worked for and care about.  I’m no ordinary woman!  I have zero desire for my ex’s retirement and want to just move on with my life.  I was crying out of frustration and told him that I will resubmit this form (which also requires me to send it to the prison to be signed by my ex and notarized), but after this if he continues to pull this I will be writing a formal complaint.  I really don’t like to pull that card, but I have had enough!

I’ve spoke to several people already who have shared similar stories and I will not allow him to abuse his position and prevent me from obtaining this divorce.  I was also informed that I should write a letter to the attorney general, which I am considering.  There is even a complaint online about him that is similar to my experience.

I wouldn’t mind if this was one time, but every time I submit the paperwork he writes me a letter of corrections that need to be made and when everything is fixed he finds something else.  He has even stated that I did not include documents that were clearly there.  Not to mention he is a lawyer, but has many grammatical and spelling errors in his letters.



The paperwork is sitting here on my table ready to be sent to the prison…God willing this will be the last paper I’m asked to re-submit.

I have been living my life mindful not to be negative and part of me struggles to understand why God is prolonging this—I do know I am where He wants me, and He is working things out even if I can’t see it.




Favorite Face Moisturizers


One of the most important products you can use on your face is moisturizer!  This is a must for me no matter what.  I always apply after my shower in the morning and after I wash my face before bed!  You have to find one that works for your skin and don’t be afraid to change it up once in a while.  If you’re looking for a new addition to your routine I encourage you to try one of my favs!

My top favorites:

  1. CeraVe: Love, love, love this moisturizing cream and CeraVe products!  I use this before bed and in the morning.  This is my top favorite at the moment and the one I use the most.  You will notice a change in your skin within a week using this cream.
  2. Olay:  I’m a huge fan of Olay products and have been using them for years.  This moisturizer I use at night when I need to change up my routine.  You will notice a change in your skin after using it for a week or two!
  3. Alba Botanica Even Advanced:  This light moisturizer is amazing and is great under make-up.  You can see and feel a difference immediately—especially if you have blotchy skin or under eye circles.  It does have a cologne scent that some may not like, but I do.
  4. No.7:  Another wonderful moisturizer that works well before applying make-up.  It does have a scent that I’m not a huge fan of, but I like how it make my skin look and feel.
  5. Skin Laundry:  This stuff is amazing!  I use it before bed when I know I want an extra boost of flawless skin in the morning.
  6. Vitamin E Oil:  I use this about once a week before bed only.  It does make my skin look/feel a little greasy, but it soaks in my skin overnight.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant and beneficial to protect and repair our skin–I like to think that while I sleep the vitamin e is busy at work repairing all those skin cells!

Share in a comment:  What is your favorite moisturizer or your favorite face product?



Photo Challenge: Resilient


This past year while on a hike through Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca, New York the beauty of this butterfly caught our eye from a distance. As we approached it was apparent that it was determined to free itself from the firm grip of the mud.  Observing for a bit as the clutch of the mud restrained it we cheered for it to break free—a few times it fluttered, but was unable to pull itself from the unyielding hold.

This butterfly is symbolic of struggles we often face in life…feeling as if life has a firm grip and as we fight to break free we become even more trapped.

We all have a story where we have been resilient in our life.  Share in a comment:  What is your story?  How did you rise above? What would you have done if you encountered this butterfly?


The Daily Post Photo Challenge

New Year’s Eve Post: Favorite Moments of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end I reflect on the year to remind myself of the amazing moments I had and I thought why not blog about it!  There have been so many wonderful moments throughout this year and I know next year will bring even more!

Some of my favorite moments of 2016 are…

Dates with my favorite person…especially the random, unplanned adventures we find ourselves on!


My son playing sports…especially his favorite—lacrosse


Improving my health by working out, eating healthy, and becoming a non-smoker


Nephew time


Dinner, shopping, and beach walks with my oldest daughter


Grandpa’s 90th surprise birthday party


Our Naples Cottage Getaway


Completing the program at SUNY Brockport to earn my School District Leadership Certification & being asked to step in as Special Education Supervisor for BOCES 2 ESY Program


Rome, NY visits



Youngest daughter playing soccer



Planting a Memory Garden on Mother’s Day to honor my favorite person’s mother



Taking students to meet the authors of All American Boys (Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely) and teaching such amazing young scholars



Fall Family Photo Shoot


Christmas Traditions


I challenge you to reflect on 2016 and create your own list of favorite moments!  Share a comment with one of them…

Wishing you a New Year rich with blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter!





16 and Pregnant: A Journal Entry


In 1997 I was 16 years old and pregnant. I knew my life and focus needed to change in order to provide my unborn child the life she deserved. Walking the halls of a high-school while pregnant means you are a target of much judgment and unsolicited remarks from not only classmates, but teachers, secretaries, and administrators as well. Walking those halls, sitting in the small desks, failing gym because I could not bring myself to wear a bathing suit (and teachers refusing to make an accommodation) all sharpened my inner strength and helped me build a foundation for trials later in life. I even had a teacher state that it was a shame I was pregnant because he would be supporting my child and me for the next 18 years because I would end up on welfare (which for the record I did not do). An administrator even encouraged me to have an abortion because I would not be able to attend college and raise a child. As I write this I wonder if any of those experiences subconsciously influenced my drive to become a teacher who inspires and encourages students…hmmm. I have always used writing as my therapy and kept a journal because to be honest, nobody ever understood.

Last week my daughter, who is now 19 years old sent me a text of a picture of one of the entries I made in my journal (pictured above). I forgot I copied a page and put it in a card during her senior year of high school. I immediately started to cry thinking about all the fears I went through, sacrifices I made, and recognized just how much I achieved despite the obstacles. While reading the entry I wrote from 1998 I realized how much I accomplished and continue to accomplish. It was not an easy task…I sacrificed quite a bit to be a mother at such a young age, but it also provided me with more of a drive and determination knowing I was responsible for a child.


  • prom (although I did attend the senior ball to realize I didn’t miss much at all)
  • dating pretty much was over after becoming pregnant and having a child so young
  • any form of a social life
  • new, fancy bras (I went without to provide for my child)
  • experiencing the dorm life
  • sleep, naps, or any form of closing my eyes
  • did I mention zero social life?
  • being taken seriously at times (such as taking her to the doctor and insisting my newborn was lactose intolerant after continuous projectile vomiting only to be told I wasn’t burping her properly….eventually the doctor realized I was right though)
  • constant comments/judgment from people (this bothered me years ago, but not anymore…I might be jealous if I was them too..haha)
  • balancing work/school and quality family time which I think is a struggle for most mothers
  • “me” time

Now that she is 19 and has moved out on her own I find myself trying to cope with the change in my life yet again…all the obstacles and sacrificing was worth it all for the amazing young lady she has become!

I ask that if you see a young parent, try to catch yourself if you begin to make assumptions or judgments.  Instead share an uplifting word, reach out to help, or do a random act of kindness to make a difference in their journey.  Moments like those are not forgotten (maybe this will lead to another blog post as I have been blessed with many angels along the way who are not forgotten). 


The Daily Post Discover Challenge “Transcript”



You asked…

What made you start a blog?

Writing is therapeutic for me and thought maybe I could help others with some of my experiences and strategies.

You look too young to have three children.  How old are they?

Thank you!  My children are ages 12, 14, and 19—yes, I was a teenage mother.

Where do you live?

Rochester, New York

What do you enjoy teaching most?

African American Literature!  I have always been drawn to literature when people have to overcome obstacles and injustice to rise above, and enlightening young scholars to the experiences black Americans have and continue to face is incredibly rewarding…especially considering the majority of my students are black.  They also teach me quite a bit!

Favorite food?

Ohhh….I love food!!!  I can’t just pick one.  This response may change depending on the day you ask me.  Pierogies (the polish in me), fried dough, BBQ chicken, stuffing, Christmas cookies, Savoia cookies (the world’s best bakery here in Rochester), Belgian waffles, chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles, sweet potatoes…I could go on and on.

Taste in Music?

Depending on the day you may find me listing all types of music from metal, hard rock, country, rap, R&B, to church hymns


I enjoy visiting new areas and exploring with my camera, gardening, writing, reading, crafty projects…does taking photos of my children while watching them play sports count?

Pet peeves?

Negative people, people chewing with their mouth open, empty drink containers in the fridge, people who litter

Random fact about yourself?

I was born after a ZZ Top Concert

Favorite quote?

“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise”. ~ Miguel de Cervantes