Endless Possibilities…

Photo: Tinker Nature Park, Henrietta NY

I’m at a point in my life where I realize possibilities are endless, but not quite sure which direction is for me.  I just fantasize for now.  I’m ready for something exciting, something new, a challenge that will push me to grow in ways I’ve never imagined.

I love teaching in the school I’m in, but need something more…I don’t feel as if I’m making enough of an impact.  Tomorrow starts a new semester and I have some ideas up my sleeve that I’m excited to try.  I’m looking to take my career to the next level, but haven’t found a position that is right for me yet.  I feel something great coming soon though.

Do I make a drastic change and move…as in out of state, or even out of the country?  I’m currently researching options, but until my divorce is final I’m stuck–I loathe feeling stuck…feeling as if someone else has control over my choices–especially such a sick, sick, evil, being!  Ok, I don’t want this to become a negative post—it will be honest though and lately I’ve been struggling with staying positive–in part because of the divorce hold up.

Do I make a drastic change and leave education all together?  No!  I love interacting with students too much for that!  Maybe step up my photography skills and open a studio?  I don’t know…for now I will continue to learn new techniques, practice, play, and have fun until I decide what comes next.

Do I want to marry again?  Have more children?  Mine are 19, 14, and 12…life has changed as they are older and independent…I have more freedom…they don’t need me as much.  It is sort of depressing at times to think about.  My babies are no longer babies.  Why does God put so much on one person’s shoulders?  I guess I shouldn’t complain because my children are healthy–some people are dealing with much more than I am.



Now that my children are a bit older I have plenty of time to work out at the gym.  I’ve been consistent in going and have a routine, but I do need to push myself more there too.  I work out in my comfort zone, using the machines I know, but I need to venture out in that area where the weights are.  I’m a confident woman, but for some reason I’m scared to step out of my bubble and into the weight area of the gym.  What if I don’t know how to use a machine?  I’m not a fan of asking for help…especially from men!  What if I ask for help, but nobody can hear me (darn earbuds)? What if I look like a rookie?  Wait…I am a rookie!  Everyone is looking at me!  No…nobody is looking at you!  These pants are a bit tight and my butt is toning up…maybe they are looking!  Stop Crystal..They are watching the TV shows up above! Uggg…maybe tomorrow I will dip my toes into the weight area…or maybe I’ll jump in canon ball style like this guy did!



Comment:  Do you work out at the gym?  Have you had these thoughts?  Any advice for me to overcome my fear?



Simple & Healthy Banana Oat Pancakes


Are you looking to change your eating habits?  In my attempt to eat healthier this is my go-to weekend breakfast.  This recipe is simple to make and they come out tasting yummmmayyyy—even better than other pancake recipes.  They are quite filling too!  You must give these a try and let me know what you think!

Banana Oat Pancakes


2 bananas

2 eggs

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

pinch of salt



Mix everything in a blender, let the batter sit for a about 20-30 minutes, and then cook.  I like them with strawberries on top or real maple syrup!  Enjoy!

What do you like on your pancakes??


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A Sombre Week…Still I Shine!

We had a cold, lightless, fog filled weekend where I ventured out, alone, to capture its beauty in hopes of stimulating some positivity to come my way, but a somberness  sauntered throughout the week.  Lately, it seems as if trials continue to be tossed my way, and nothing is quite going the way I plan…maybe that is my problem…I need to let go and allow God to handle it.


Divorce:  I’ve been attempting to obtain a non-contested divorce from one of the most evil men I have ever met.  I submitted all of the paperwork to the court in November and was told I needed to make several corrections which I did and resubmitted them again in hopes that I can soon wake from this nightmare.  The paperwork was rejected again requesting additional corrections.  Frustrating on many levels, but I continue to do what is asked.  At every point I question if God is here.  Is he seeing this?  Does he care?  Why am I put through all of the pain while he has any control?  At one point in the process he sent his mother the divorce paperwork and she felt compelled to write her initials at the bottom of each page along with the page number.  Well, I needed to make a correction on one of the pages and now am required to have her same initial on the bottom of the corrected page in order to move forward—or I need to start the process all over again.  She claims to be a Godly woman, but has done nothing except to cause additional pain.  I sent her the original paper to sign and return and a month later have not received it back.  Why on earth is a man who committed such a heinous crime allowed to have any control or say?  I continue to be hopeful, try to understand the lesson God is wanting me to gain from all of this, and know that there is a reason—one I may never know or understand, but He has a plan.

Read more about my divorce Odyssey here: Blood, sweat, and tears… and Rebuild: Divorcing a Pedophile

Love:  I am lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend who encourages me even when I allow the stress to build up and unexpectedly flow his way.  I have been on edge with him this week as we would like to plan for our future together, but must wait until my past is settled.  All in due time…

Family: Many of you know that I reactivated my Facebook account this month, and that ignited some conflict between my dear prodigal daughter and me when she misunderstood a comment I left on a photo she posted.  Our relationship has had ongoing strain, but I finally decided that I will love from afar.  I will no longer be a puppet she pulls out, manipulating, when she needs to be bailed out…literally and figuratively.  I look back to think where I went wrong as a parent…what I could have done better…why is it that my pig-tailed, little girl who once ran to me with open arms, beaming as she clung to my legs thinks it acceptable and appropriate to repeatedly cause such devastation with her words and actions?!?!  Does she even realize she is?  This is not how I envisioned our mother-daughter relationship.  I struggled with this quite a bit this week, but I guess now I know how God must feel with how I’ve been treating Him.

Career: This week marked the end of the semester, post-assessments were given, and the ELA exams were today.  I’m confident my students (some who have failed this exam two or more times prior to me) were well prepared.  All the times I heard, “Ms….you do too much” makes it all worth it!  Now, I sit and wait for the scores to come back.

A highlight of my week was yesterday when I received an email from a former student (pictured below). He wanted to touch base and let me know that he started his first day of college.  I cried as soon as I read it!  I pushed him and pushed him that he needed to continue his education and use his writing talent, and to hear that he was doing that made me incredibly proud .  It was an honor that he thought to email me his first day!


I leave you with a few more photos capturing the somber beauty of the fog.


After typing all of this I wonder if it makes sense, if I was too candid, if I wasn’t candid enough…

The week may have had a somber tone, but my soul still shines…



Post was in-part inspired by The Daily Post one word prompt “devastation”

Weekly Fav: Erin Condren Planner

This week I received my custom made planner from Erin Condren.  This planner is amazing and will be useful to keep me on track and goal focused.  The cover is filled with favorite photos, so positive vibes are always near!


My favs:

  • Did I mention the cover?  It can be customized several ways, but this one was for me as I LOVE pictures…this is my favorite feature of the planner and that sets it apart from others I found.
  • I’m a teacher, so planning is essential to my organization and success in the classroom–there is a monthly break down as well as daily which I love!
  • I will also be keeping track of my blogging goals, prompts, challenges, and topics using this new handy dandy planner
  • I can also use it as a gratitude journal, bullet journal…
  • Perfect size…not too big, not too small
  • Color schemes available
  • Positive words throughout the planner
  • Pocket in back
  • Pouch it came with to put pens/notepad/stickers in (I did find another one I liked better, so decided not to use this)
  • Little random act of kindness cards

My not so favs:

  • The ruler that was attached to it broke when trying to remove it…I probably would have never used it anyway (pictured in top left photo)
  • Ordering it was a nightmare!  The website was incredibly glitchy and it took me a couple few hours to load and arrange all the photos
  • It is a bit pricey at $55.00 +9.95 shipping

Click here to sign up for a discount code to be emailed to you and begin to organize your life and focus on your goals!

20170117_172448.jpgI purchased a cute little pouch (Jo-Ann Fabrics) to keep pens, pencils, and stickers that I will be using with it.  I decided to use the Paper Mate pens in tropical vacation colors because they are no-bleed and I love the colors!

If you are trying to organize your life and crush goals I suggest purchasing an Erin Condren planner to use as a tool to help you on that journey!

Comment:  Share a comment how you keep organized.  Do you use a planner?  Any tips for me? 



My Return to Facebook

As many of you know, in November I wrote a post about life after leaving social media which can be read here: Life After Deleting Facebook

Well, yesterday I decided to reactivate my Facebook account, and these are just some observations being back just after a day.

  1. Some people would benefit from sticking their nose in a book, other than Facebook. Someone accidentally sent me a text to tell someone else that I was back on Facebook…this someone is always complaining how everyone else is gossiping about this one and that one.  Read a book, knit a blanket, or learn how to use the correct form of your and you’re rather than worrying about my Facebook habits.
  2. Holy Babies…I was gone for less than a year and come back to a baby filled news feed.  Maybe Facebook increases fertility?  How many babies did you have?  Haha…love seeing baby posts!
  3. My updated profile pic received lots of comments and likes…whooohooo, that must mean I was missed!  Always funny to see who doesn’t comment or like…interesting indeed. Ok, remind me why I care? Ha!  Missed this..a little.
  4. Whoa…those two are dating…no way!
  5. I have sensory overload after 10 minutes…the same feeling after walking through Hobby Lobby for 20 minutes!
  6. Whoa…what was that Dak?!?! Whooppss…multi-tasking over here.  Watching Cowboys vs. Packers Game while blogging.  Lots of Cowboys fans in my newsfeed!  (I’m a Bills fan, but usually have to pick another team to root for during playoffs…Dak it is!)
  7. Man, I missed all these cooking videos!

Not sure how long my visit to Facebook will last, but I am enjoying catching up with some fantabulous people I have lost contact with.  I was busy crushing goals!  One reason I deactivated it to begin with was to take the advice of professors and mentors for career purposes, but my thought is I am proud of who I am, my experiences, and my words…any school or district will be too.



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Weekly Fav: Exquisite Jook & Nona




I subscribe to Fabfitfun which is just one of my many favorite things ever!  Every woman should subscribe to pamper herself (or…if you are reading and in need of an awesome gift idea this is it).  Fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that is filled will a variety of goodies!  I have not been disappointed by any of the items I have received.  There was an option to purchase a “mystery bundle” with this past winter box and I decided to puchase one for the thrill of it.  This exquisite necklace by Jook and Nona was one of the items and I am head over heals in love with it!  I tend to wear silver more, but after wearing this I will be looking to add to my gold collection.  Hello Jook and Nona and thank you Fabfitfun!


If you would like to subscribe to Fabfitfun click here for a discount

Pros of Fabfitfun: 

  • seasonal surprise with items you may not normally purchase for yourself
  • looking forward to checking the mail…ok, more like stalking the mail carrier
  • socializing with other fabfitfunners in the chat/message group
  • falling in love with new products


Share in a comment:  What products would you most want to receive in the mail seasonally?   (jewelry, make-up, fitness items, skin care…)



Post inspired by The Daily Post one-word prompt “Exquisite”

What Makes YOU Shine?

What Makes YOU Shine?  What do you do to make life more enjoyable for others?

If you can’t think of what you do to uplift people then here are five simple suggestions.

  1. Greet People:  Throughout the day make it a point to greet people…not only the people you perceive as important, but the people who may be unnoticed as well…even if they do not greet you back!  A smile along with a “good morning” is simple enough.  If you’re walking in the store hold the door for the next person—whoever they happen to be.
  2. Listen:  Many people want to be heard, but it is also important to stop and listen (really listen) to others.  I don’t mean listen to people ramble on and on, but to remember what they say. For example, remember what they will be doing over the weekend and ask them on Monday how their activity/plans went.  As a teacher I also make it a point to do this with my students.  As a parent, with my children.  I even practice this when I’m interacting with cashiers at the store.
  3. Notice and Acknowledgement:  When someone is doing something positive notice it and offer acknowledgement.  This can mean noticing that your child completed a chore without needing to be asked and complimenting them, writing a note to a co-worker to say what a great job they are doing, or even sending an email to let a person know that you appreciate the extra effort they have been investing in a certain task.
  4. Share:  Whatever your talent is or something you are good at…share it with others.  This can be as simple as you make the best banana bread ever…then bring some to work to share or pass a loaf on to a neighbor.  Do you have the skill to knit?  Make a blanket and pass it on to someone…just start knitting and in the process you will realize who it is meant for.
  5. Thank: When is the last time you wrote a thank you note/card?  Show appreciation even in the small things and make it a part of your routine to spend time writing a note to someone to thank them.  It could be for something in the past that they did for you, a mentor, friend, relative, child, or even to a store to thank them for the great customer service!11Comment:  What makes YOU shine?  Share with us something you do to make life more enjoyable for others.



Post inspired by the Daily Post prompt: “Shine”