Top 10 Favorites of Fall


Is it just me or is apple picking a little overrated? Maybe because we went on what was the hottest day of the year at a scorching 91 degrees (unusual weather for us here in Rochester), but I keep wondering what on earth people become hyped up for to go pick apples.

apple picking funny

We had fun though…laughed the entire wagon ride, wondering if the jolting might initiate an early labor, ate cider donuts, drank cold cider (it was way too hot to drink anything even slightly warm), munched on popcorn, and bought a ton of apples.

Even though apple picking may not be my favorite fall activity, it is my favorite season of the year…so much that I named my first child Autumn!


My Top 10 Favorites of Fall 

10.  Football…which means lots of snacks:  I will admit this wouldn’t have made my list a few years ago, but I have come to enjoy watching football with Craig.  There is usually some sort of dip and/or tasty finger foods involved while watching and who doesn’t love food?  We feast on football days!

9.  Crockpot Meals:  Now that it’s fall I have broken out the crockpot and the fall meals…not only does it make my life so much easier, but everyone enjoys the Chicken and Dumplings (or as we call it: “Chicken Dump”), Pot Pie Soup, Lasagna Soup, Pulled Pork, Pot Roast…ohhh…I could go on!  There is just something satisfying about dinner being ready when we come home.

8.  Leaves/the colors:  Maybe I fell in love with leaves in kindergarten when we all had to bring one in and put it under our paper and color over it…ahhhh…awesomeness right there!  I’m the one in search for that perfect leaf no matter where we go.

7. Boots:  They can be tall, short, furry, leather, brown, gray, blue, black…I love boots and this is the boot season!  This reminds me I need a new pair…recommendations anyone?

6.  Pumpkins/Pumpkin Pie:  Whether the pumpkins are decorating the yard or pureed in a pie I love them!  Now the carving of the pumpkins I will admit I do try and scam out of every year…this year I’m thinking we need to try painting them.  Hmmm…

5.  Oversized Sweaters and warm blankets:  I’m all about the cozy comfort of an oversized sweater or a toasty blanket!

4.  Apple Cider/Apple Cider Donuts:  Apple Cider either hot or cold is amazing!  I order the hot apple cider from Tim Hortons with whipped cream on top and bottom and it is delicious!  Apple cider donuts are little circle shaped fall treats that are just as delicious, but a little harder to find fresh.

3.  Apple Crisp:  Who doesn’t love freshly made, warm,  apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream?

2.    The weather:  The fall weather is perfect!  It isn’t too hot or too cold, and if it is dressing in layers quickly solves that.

1.   Fall Family Photos:  This is my most favorite fall activity ever!  I started years ago with just snapping a quick photo each year of the kids in the leaves in the backyard, but it has evolved into a big event where we go to a local park to take a ton!  They are always an adventure!


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