Guess What?

Well I have been gone for some time, but for exciting reasons…we are expecting a baby January 2018.  One of my goals was to keep up with blogging while experiencing various stages of pregnancy, but I slacked a bit on that.  Below is a letter I wrote the day I found out along with a few photos we took to create an announcement.

May 13th, 2017

Today I woke up early and went to work to teach Saturday school. I felt different, but couldn’t quite figure out why. I wrote a blog post and prayed and told God that I’m ready for what He has in store for me next. I listened to church hymns on youtube and stumbled on a video of Oprah explaining her disappointment when she was told she was not selected for The Color Purple…I was balling my eyes out listening to Oprah’s story and asking myself what was wrong with me—I don’t usually cry that easily. Then the hymn’s I listened to made me weepy and I thought my period must be arriving today!

I was starving when I arrived home, so Craig and I went to lunch and I ate and ate and ate! Ohhh and we left one restaurant because I wanted soup and they didn’t have any.  When we returned home I decided to try and see if my period was due today or where I was in my cycle. Usually my period is right on target, but I broke my phone a couple weeks ago and because I use it to track my period I was off on my dates. Today I re-downloaded an app to see where I was in my cycle and found out I was over a week late! I’m NEVER late!

Craig went to pick up some groceries at Wegmans, so I decided I would take a test. Immediately I saw two lines…PREGNANT!!! We are having a baby!!! Whoa!

I thought of ways to tell Craig, but I just can’t keep a secret from him. I just couldn’t wait to tell him!  He came back from Wegmans and we went out shopping. He stopped at Dunkin Donuts and I asked if he still had his mug from them (years ago, when we first started dating he accidentally bought a “This Dad Runs on Dunkin” mug and it has been a joke since). He said, “Yea why”. I replied, “Well maybe you should buy another one”. He stopped, looked at me, and said, “wait….are you pregnant”….hahaha!

Now all the moodiness, weepiness, sore boobs, and dreams make sense. We recently went on vacation and I had the worst motion sickness ever—makes sense now! Last week I had a fish fry and became incredibly sick after eating it—makes sense now!

We are ridiculously excited, already went shopping to look at maternity clothes, baby clothes, strollers, blankets, and have talked about how to tell people. We don’t have anything set in stone yet, but have a few ideas that we like. We are thrilled and hope others are as well.

A post about our gender reveal adventure is coming soon. 

Check out my Instagram for a sneak peek.


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I’m a mother of three beautiful children who have given me the strength in life to be determined in reaching my goals. I am a teacher certified in English and Special Education and truly enjoy going to work every day. I recently completed my requirements to become certified in school district leadership to make an impact on a much larger scale. I have had my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but the entire journey has made me grateful and appreciative of all that I have. One strategy I found helpful was to find something every day to be thankful for---focus on the positives in life! My goal with this blog is to do just that---focus on those “little” moments with the hope to inspire others.

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