What if you fly?

Photo: Tinker Nature Park in Henrietta, New York


We all tremble inside at the thought of something…what is it that you fear?  Is it beginning something new?  Starting over?  A career choice?  Going back to school?  Traveling?  Trying a new workout at the gym (who is possibly afraid of this right…yup…yours truly)?  Public speaking?  Initiating a conversation? Starting a blog? Change?

Whatever it is…step outside of your comfort zone and fly!  It will build a stronger you, a sharper you, and a more confident you!  You will grow in more ways than you can imagine.  Picture your life after overcoming the fear?  What will your life look like then?

What is it that makes you tremble?


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I’m a mother of three beautiful children who have given me the strength in life to be determined in reaching my goals. I am a teacher certified in English and Special Education and truly enjoy going to work every day. I recently completed my requirements to become certified in school district leadership to make an impact on a much larger scale. I have had my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but the entire journey has made me grateful and appreciative of all that I have. One strategy I found helpful was to find something every day to be thankful for---focus on the positives in life! My goal with this blog is to do just that---focus on those “little” moments with the hope to inspire others.

4 thoughts on “What if you fly?”

  1. Hey,

    wow, this is exactly what I needed to read right now.
    There is something on my mind that holds me back (fear?) and I kept waiting for a “sign” or something that makes sure to push me on with my new project etc. Im right before that “final big” step and worked towards it, but now i just froze and all sort of thoughts keep creeping into my head.

    I think this was my sign right there.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!!
    it really helped me somehow 🙂
    best regards from Ireland,

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  2. I had this thought a few months ago. Less around doing something new as opposed to letting go. Accepting that taking ownership of everything will not positively impact anything and focusing only on that which brings a smile to the faces of those most important to you.

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