Struggling to Select a Specific Blog Name

I’m still a newbie when it comes to blogging, but learning quite a bit each day.  One area I’m struggling with is deciding on a specific blog name.

Some of my random thoughts while trying to come up with one…

  • Journal Blog is an oxymoron…right?!?!  I need to change this sooon!
  • Ok, Let’s see what the thesaurus comes up with for “journal”…no help there
  • Hmm…how about thinking about some of my favorite poems…Crystaleyes Rises…nah!  Phenomenal Crystaleyes…umm…no!  Road Wandered by Crystaleyes…not liking the “by” part, but “road wandered” doesn’t sound so bad
  • How about playing with book titles…Voyage with Crystaleyes, Lord of the Crystaleyes, Heart of Crystaleyes…hmmm…now that is more like it. Their Eyes Were Watching Crystaleyes…hmmm…a lot of eyes going on there…ehhh…not for me
  • How about scrapping Crystaleyes…ok, now I need a fresh, new name…
  • How about using a phoenix which represents my life…quick Google search and looks like I’m not the first one with that bright idea…I do like Phoenix Rises though…I bet it’s taken already…whooohooo, nope it’s not taken…I’m not sure though…I want something I love, something I don’t want to change
  • wait…can I change my blog name, but keep all my posts?  I better check on that!
  • Forget the healthy eating I’ll take a Nutter Butter
  • How about A Nutter Blog…or Just a Nutter Blog…hahaha…that’s cute, but still not for me
  • Collecting Beautiful Moments…Crystal’s Beautiful Moments…Collector of Beautiful Moments…

Comment:  How did you decide on your blog name?  Did you change your name at any point?  Any suggestions for me?


Post inspired by The Daily Post’s one word prompt “Specific”

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I’m a mother of three beautiful children who have given me the strength in life to be determined in reaching my goals. I am a teacher certified in English and Special Education and truly enjoy going to work every day. I recently completed my requirements to become certified in school district leadership to make an impact on a much larger scale. I have had my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but the entire journey has made me grateful and appreciative of all that I have. One strategy I found helpful was to find something every day to be thankful for---focus on the positives in life! My goal with this blog is to do just that---focus on those “little” moments with the hope to inspire others.

23 thoughts on “Struggling to Select a Specific Blog Name”

  1. If you want to change your blog name its easy. The actual address is harder. Best way would be to start a brand new blog and export the old to new.

    I think maybe seeing life and the world through Crystaleyes… How’s that? ☺

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  2. Good thought processes there! Here’s a thought that worked for me years ago (until I updated again!) Two columns of words. First column describes you. Second column describes blogging. Match any word from first & second column…. Repeat until cooked to your liking.

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  3. I struggled for MONTHS for what to call my blog. I actually refused to start my blog until I had ‘the perfect name’ for it. Every freakin’ name I chose or a friend suggested was already taken. Finally I decided to think ‘less obvious’ and more ‘outside the box’ and I came up with mine ‘They Once Called Her Pumpkin’ and my catchphrase is ‘…..and now she has a blog about this, that and the other thing’
    It’s perfect for me. Unique and Quirky.

    How about something like “The Clever/Quirky/Lovely/Creative (pick a word that suits) World of Crystal”?

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  4. Haha I really had a good giggle here. Are you a Gemini by any chance?? I think if you are really indecisive you can’t really go wrong with a blog name that is just your full name (embrace the timeless approach). As for me, my thinking was probably along the same line as yours, ie it’s a “journal blog” right?! Hence SoMuchToTellYou. It gives me enough scope to write a bit about everything that fascinates me at any point in time. 😜


  5. I’m struggling with renaming right now too. Started off as I was supposed to live in Boston for a year (hence Bostonrookie) but that was 6 years ago. Got a divorce, started my career, met and married a guy, bought a house in the rural burbs of Boston and now expecting our first child. I’m still a rookie for sure!


  6. I know what you mean, it is so hard! It’s one of the main reason why I didn’t started my blog earlier! I thought about the name for mine during a sleepless night!😃 I am a nutritionist and I just started my own blog about healthy and affordable eating, feel free to check it out! It’s
    I’m looking forward to more of your posts! Monica x


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