Teacher Appreciation Day


Teacher Appreciation Day

Our purrrrdddy awesome school principal treated us to a surprise visit from the Stingray Fusion Food Truck and free lunch today!  I have tried sushi in the past, and was never much of a fan…after today I have found a new favorite food to add to my list!!  My taste buds were having a grand ol’ time!

After work it was Cole’s lacrosse game, shopping for a new rug, and then a stop to Chipotle to take advantage of the B1G1 free deal for teachers.  I just so happened to be watching the Great Food Truck Race while chowing down…go team Hodge Podge!!  Planet Fitness is a must after all this eating!


Most of us have had a teacher who has influenced us in ways they will never realize.  Take a moment to think about who those teachers are…


  • send a card/letter with a personal message thanking her/him
  • send an email of appreciation
  • have your daughter/son write a note of appreciation to their teacher
  • some of us may even need to send a teacher or fifteen a note of apology for being hard-headed, stubborn, defiant, teenagers…haha!
  • Send in school supplies, tissues, cleaning wipes, snacks…to a random teacher (now this one is my favorite suggestion if you add a card with it)

Did you have a teacher who influenced you?  Share your story!



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I’m a mother of three beautiful children who have given me the strength in life to be determined in reaching my goals. I am a teacher certified in English and Special Education and truly enjoy going to work every day. I recently completed my requirements to become certified in school district leadership to make an impact on a much larger scale. I have had my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but the entire journey has made me grateful and appreciative of all that I have. One strategy I found helpful was to find something every day to be thankful for---focus on the positives in life! My goal with this blog is to do just that---focus on those “little” moments with the hope to inspire others.

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