Challenge: Harriet Jacobs

As I begin this latest adventure of writing a blog I’m struggling to select a topic to focus on.  Today has been a productive day—I finished our school newsletter, wrote up my lesson for my formal observation, and submitted student grades (along with comments for each student).  My last college class of the semester is this Saturday, so I’ve been frantically busy completing all of those requirements as well—just two more papers and I’m finished! Whoohooo!


In class students learned about an amazing woman who many are unaware of—Harriet Jacobs.  She wrote her narrative, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.  I first became exposed to Jacobs in a college course when assigned to read an excerpt.  I immediately bought and read the book, and knew that I would teach it to my students.  Passing her story on for others to learn from has been rewarding.  She hid in a tiny crawlspace for seven years to avoid being caught!  A woman of pure strength!

My challenge to you is to do your own research and learn something interesting about Harriet Jacobs…post, share, and I highly recommend reading her narrative (or buy one as a gift for someone as a random act of kindness).




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I’m a mother of three beautiful children who have given me the strength in life to be determined in reaching my goals. I am a teacher certified in English and Special Education and truly enjoy going to work every day. I recently completed my requirements to become certified in school district leadership to make an impact on a much larger scale. I have had my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but the entire journey has made me grateful and appreciative of all that I have. One strategy I found helpful was to find something every day to be thankful for---focus on the positives in life! My goal with this blog is to do just that---focus on those “little” moments with the hope to inspire others.

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