My Return to Facebook

As many of you know, in November I wrote a post about life after leaving social media which can be read here: Life After Deleting Facebook

Well, yesterday I decided to reactivate my Facebook account, and these are just some observations being back just after a day.

  1. Some people would benefit from sticking their nose in a book, other than Facebook. Someone accidentally sent me a text to tell someone else that I was back on Facebook…this someone is always complaining how everyone else is gossiping about this one and that one.  Read a book, knit a blanket, or learn how to use the correct form of your and you’re rather than worrying about my Facebook habits.
  2. Holy Babies…I was gone for less than a year and come back to a baby filled news feed.  Maybe Facebook increases fertility?  How many babies did you have?  Haha…love seeing baby posts!
  3. My updated profile pic received lots of comments and likes…whooohooo, that must mean I was missed!  Always funny to see who doesn’t comment or like…interesting indeed. Ok, remind me why I care? Ha!  Missed this..a little.
  4. Whoa…those two are dating…no way!
  5. I have sensory overload after 10 minutes…the same feeling after walking through Hobby Lobby for 20 minutes!
  6. Whoa…what was that Dak?!?! Whooppss…multi-tasking over here.  Watching Cowboys vs. Packers Game while blogging.  Lots of Cowboys fans in my newsfeed!  (I’m a Bills fan, but usually have to pick another team to root for during playoffs…Dak it is!)
  7. Man, I missed all these cooking videos!

Not sure how long my visit to Facebook will last, but I am enjoying catching up with some fantabulous people I have lost contact with.  I was busy crushing goals!  One reason I deactivated it to begin with was to take the advice of professors and mentors for career purposes, but my thought is I am proud of who I am, my experiences, and my words…any school or district will be too.



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Weekly Fav: Exquisite Jook & Nona




I subscribe to Fabfitfun which is just one of my many favorite things ever!  Every woman should subscribe to pamper herself (or…if you are reading and in need of an awesome gift idea this is it).  Fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that is filled will a variety of goodies!  I have not been disappointed by any of the items I have received.  There was an option to purchase a “mystery bundle” with this past winter box and I decided to puchase one for the thrill of it.  This exquisite necklace by Jook and Nona was one of the items and I am head over heals in love with it!  I tend to wear silver more, but after wearing this I will be looking to add to my gold collection.  Hello Jook and Nona and thank you Fabfitfun!


If you would like to subscribe to Fabfitfun click here for a discount

Pros of Fabfitfun: 

  • seasonal surprise with items you may not normally purchase for yourself
  • looking forward to checking the mail…ok, more like stalking the mail carrier
  • socializing with other fabfitfunners in the chat/message group
  • falling in love with new products


Share in a comment:  What products would you most want to receive in the mail seasonally?   (jewelry, make-up, fitness items, skin care…)



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What Makes YOU Shine?

What Makes YOU Shine?  What do you do to make life more enjoyable for others?

If you can’t think of what you do to uplift people then here are five simple suggestions.

  1. Greet People:  Throughout the day make it a point to greet people…not only the people you perceive as important, but the people who may be unnoticed as well…even if they do not greet you back!  A smile along with a “good morning” is simple enough.  If you’re walking in the store hold the door for the next person—whoever they happen to be.
  2. Listen:  Many people want to be heard, but it is also important to stop and listen (really listen) to others.  I don’t mean listen to people ramble on and on, but to remember what they say. For example, remember what they will be doing over the weekend and ask them on Monday how their activity/plans went.  As a teacher I also make it a point to do this with my students.  As a parent, with my children.  I even practice this when I’m interacting with cashiers at the store.
  3. Notice and Acknowledgement:  When someone is doing something positive notice it and offer acknowledgement.  This can mean noticing that your child completed a chore without needing to be asked and complimenting them, writing a note to a co-worker to say what a great job they are doing, or even sending an email to let a person know that you appreciate the extra effort they have been investing in a certain task.
  4. Share:  Whatever your talent is or something you are good at…share it with others.  This can be as simple as you make the best banana bread ever…then bring some to work to share or pass a loaf on to a neighbor.  Do you have the skill to knit?  Make a blanket and pass it on to someone…just start knitting and in the process you will realize who it is meant for.
  5. Thank: When is the last time you wrote a thank you note/card?  Show appreciation even in the small things and make it a part of your routine to spend time writing a note to someone to thank them.  It could be for something in the past that they did for you, a mentor, friend, relative, child, or even to a store to thank them for the great customer service!11Comment:  What makes YOU shine?  Share with us something you do to make life more enjoyable for others.



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Struggling to Select a Specific Blog Name

I’m still a newbie when it comes to blogging, but learning quite a bit each day.  One area I’m struggling with is deciding on a specific blog name.

Some of my random thoughts while trying to come up with one…

  • Journal Blog is an oxymoron…right?!?!  I need to change this sooon!
  • Ok, Let’s see what the thesaurus comes up with for “journal”…no help there
  • Hmm…how about thinking about some of my favorite poems…Crystaleyes Rises…nah!  Phenomenal Crystaleyes…umm…no!  Road Wandered by Crystaleyes…not liking the “by” part, but “road wandered” doesn’t sound so bad
  • How about playing with book titles…Voyage with Crystaleyes, Lord of the Crystaleyes, Heart of Crystaleyes…hmmm…now that is more like it. Their Eyes Were Watching Crystaleyes…hmmm…a lot of eyes going on there…ehhh…not for me
  • How about scrapping Crystaleyes…ok, now I need a fresh, new name…
  • How about using a phoenix which represents my life…quick Google search and looks like I’m not the first one with that bright idea…I do like Phoenix Rises though…I bet it’s taken already…whooohooo, nope it’s not taken…I’m not sure though…I want something I love, something I don’t want to change
  • wait…can I change my blog name, but keep all my posts?  I better check on that!
  • Forget the healthy eating I’ll take a Nutter Butter
  • How about A Nutter Blog…or Just a Nutter Blog…hahaha…that’s cute, but still not for me
  • Collecting Beautiful Moments…Crystal’s Beautiful Moments…Collector of Beautiful Moments…

Comment:  How did you decide on your blog name?  Did you change your name at any point?  Any suggestions for me?


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Purpose: What is your “Why”? Float like a butterfly…

What is my “Why”? If people knew the details of the journey of just how I fought to be here they would be amazed.  Muhammad Ali said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.”  I have always had a vision for my future and when life knocked me down I refused to lay in that ring until someone picked me up.  I refused to give up, to give in, to allow the trial the keep me from success—I know what my why is in life and that keeps me going.  Enduring through the pain built a stronger me.  Is building a stronger me!

Why am I teaching at the school I do? It’s where I belong!  This school has been a huge part of my healing process and continues to build upon who I am as an individual and as a professional.  Life knocked me down in 2010 when my soon to be ex-husband raped my oldest daughter, I lost my job, almost lost my house and car (almost lost my mind too), was humbled to reach out for assistance, but I fought to stand again.  In the midst of caring for my children and attending courses to further my career I rebuilt my confidence to stand tall again.  Teaching students is rewarding for me on many levels—when I go home I know I am impacting their lives, as they are mine.

Apart from that I have been a student in the district and teachers were always a part of making a positive impact on my life, so paying that forward is rewarding. My father was incarcerated and I didn’t meet him until I was 21 and my mother was young.  I was the first person in my family to graduate high school, so being where I am now is in part of the teachers who believed in me and encouraged me…even as I walked the halls nine months pregnant.

Why am I here you ask? It’s where I belong!

Picture from my classroom the first Friday after I started…a promise to me from God

Purpose: What is your “Why”?

Muhammad Ali Inspirational Video

I woke up this morning and asked God to use me for something positive today.  I’m unsure if it’s this blog post or something more is coming my way, but I hope it brings you inspiration.  If you are reading this and made it this far there is a reason.

Share in a comment:  What is your “Why”?  Have you lost your vision?  If you don’t know what your purpose is then make it your purpose to find out!  Ask God to use you, show you, guide you!  Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see…




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Teaching: Just one of my Superpowers

I have always gravitated toward students who require a teacher who thinks outside of the box to reach their individual needs.  I have a passion for students with disabilities and/or mental health needs. I had the privilege to work for a school who also offered a residential program for students with a range of disabilities.  This school I will not name as ownership switched hands and it no longer provides the exceptional care it once did…which is one reason I decided I needed to move on…a decision that was heavy on my heart, but necessary for many reasons.  I’m digressing though.  The students were an incredibly difficult group as I had students in my room no other teachers wanted, and sadly teachers would speak up in meetings protesting the idea of having one of my students placed in their room.  Yes, my students had some severe needs, but I needed to be the one who refused to give up on them!  The one who wanted them!

I was the Special Education Teacher in a 6:1:3 classroom, which means 6 students, 1 teacher, and 3 teacher assistants.  This sounds like a cake job right?  Not in the least!  Students ranged in ages 16-21 and often displayed behaviors such as biting, hitting, kicking, spitting, punching, playing with feces (well, any bodily fluid really), intentional vomitting (sometimes then to intentionally spit it on you), breaking anything they could get their hands on, taking their clothes off, and sometimes even running out of the school and darting through the neighborhood.  We were required to perform physical interventions daily to keep students and staff safe.  Yes, the neighbors and the police were not fans of our school, which again is sad if they were able to understand why some of these children acted in the ways they did.  I love these students despite all the struggles and while I taught them they taught me.  Some were abused in ways I could never imagine, some were born with disabilities that parents just did not understand, some came from amazing families, but due to their disability behave differently than we expect.

Teaching at that school built my character in ways I never imagined until reflecting back.  I was determined to be the change, and I know I was.  On my last day two students decided to give me their medals they won in the Special Olympics (pictured above)…they will never know the impact of that gesture, as I will never know the impact I made on them.

Currently I teach English to students with a variety of needs ages 16-21.  Students include young parents, refugees, students with disabilities, students with mental health needs, and it is what I’m meant for.  Thank God for Superpowers!

One of my favorite songs to add to the theme: “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys


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Today’s post was written using my phone due to a computer issue, so please forgive any errors.

Yearly Goals 2017

Today I took time to write my yearly goals down.  I have never done this before, and I already feel more focused and determined.

I also ordered a planner to keep me organized and moving forward.  I personalized my cover with some of my favorite photos and can’t wait until it comes in the mail.  There were a few glitches on the website while making it…I may write a review up on the planners after I receive it.  Click here to check them out!

My 2017 Goals


  • Once a month family date nights (games, recreation, laser tag, skating, movie…)
  • Dinner together at the table with a minimum of one night completing a page in our family gratitude journal
  • Organize bin for each child and add a letter a month
  • Nephew sleepovers/dates
  • Remember birthdays and send out cards and possible gift


  • Re-connect with friends I’ve lost touch with
  • Once a month friend date
  • Make a new friend…maybe a pen-pal in another country


  • Plan engaging lessons for students and continuously strive to improve
  • Weekly positive note to co-worker and/or student
  • Take career to district level
  • Be mindful of student needs and go above and beyond (snacks, food, birthdays…)
  • Increase student participation with our school newsletter

Professional Development

  • Read a chapter a day
  • Watch two TED talks a week
  • Read scholarly articles related to education, culture, leading…

Health and Wellness

  • Continue to eat healthy and try new fruits and vegetables
  • Make dinner menu each week to plan meals
  • Meal prep breakfast and lunches
  • Work out three times a week for at least 45 minutes each time
  • Continue to take vitamins
  • Drink more water (full bottle/day)
  • 15 minute meditation per day
  • Use my Fitbit
  • Learn to can


  • Monthly date night
  • Random acts of love


  • Keep decluttered (focus on a room a week to keep organized)
  • Fix front step
  • Finish decluttering basement storage and garage
  • Prep to sell by March
  • fire and C02 detectors…new batteries


  • Continue to work on improving credit score
  • Pay off Bport Bill and complete cert. by March
  • Read a book on investing/stocks


  • Take a trip to a new place
  • A mini-trip with the chillens
  • At least three road trips to new places
  • renew passport


  • Weekly blog work
  • Once a month update family “year book”
  • Photo a day challenge
  • Self-hypnosis once a month

Share in a comment:  Do you write yearly goals?  monthly goals?  weekly goals?  What are your experiences?  What is one goal you will be focused on this year?